a categorized series

a categorized series

Greetings my loved readers, those that are reading this right now and the ones that will fulfill my current future vision. Before I start this series, here is what I had been doing, rather what I have done while I was away.

  1. The big thing I was working on was an interview that I had with https://prosearium.net/ on women in game development. If you have been following me since I started, you are likely to recall my posts on gaming and some reviews I had after playing some games. The good old days.

Here is the link to the full interview and please do visit the web to get to know the other intelligent and smart women in game development. #22 Wanangwa Gondwe – Prosearium.net

2. The second thing I had going on was my whole life which was eventful too. So much happened and at the same time it doesn’t seem so which really sucks just a bit though.

Anyway here is all you need to know for now about the series I am yet to start. And the category is….. Unwavering Trust.

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